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Andrea Linn


I will meet you where ever you are in your business. We are all at different parts of our journey and no two people are exactly the same. I will help you start from the beginning if that's where you are with your photography business. If you are somewhere in the middle, but feeling overwhelmed and have a bunch of questions, we may have to take a few steps back and get you back on track with a plan and action steps to achieve your goals. If you need help figuring out where to begin, get in touch and I'll guide you through a discovery session so we have a better idea of where to begin!

•Finding your Ideal Client
•Website + Logo Design
•Website/Portfolio Critique
•The Client Experience
•Vision and Mission Statement Exercises
•Balancing Personal Life while being an Entrepreneur (Self Care) 
•All things SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
•Defining your brands personality
 •Developing a cohesive style and flow
•Social Media Strategies + Marketing
•Client Experience Workflow + Editing Workflow
•Goal Setting + Action Planning
•Finding the light when shooting
•Emotive Posing Guidance

Most mentoring sessions take place via skype, zoom or in person if you are local. 
Some of the hands on topics above may need to take place in person.

A positive, open mind!
A desire to learn and grow!
A working knowledge (basics) of Photoshop & Lightroom
An SLR camera + lenses
Basic knowledge of composition, exposure & shooting manually

•one hour mentoring session - $150
•3 hours of mentoring + Hands on photo session/shadowing - $599

All mentoring sessions include 

with me.  
Together, we'll work closely behind the camera 
& behind the scenes. We'll take a look at your current brand &

to attract your ideal clients. 
We'll grow your business together, hand in hand. 
I'll be there with you through it all.
Are you ready?

Being an entrepreneur for the past twelve years. and learning and developing systems as I built two successful creative businesses form the ground up, has equipped me with the experience and knowledge to be able to help others as they
begin their journey.
My heart is most full when I am sharing my passions and helping others to pursue theirs.
If you are new to photography, or any other creative small business, I would love to help you get off to the right start.  Working smarter, not harder is the best way to get your business up and running.  
Having a mentor to guide you and hold you accountable to your action plan and goals will help you succeed with out many of the headaches that I experienced though trial and error many years ago.
Starting your business is going to take blood, sweat and tears.  Having someone to guide you and answer all the questions you have along the way, will make the process much more simple and streamlined.
If you are ready to take a step towards building a successful foundation for your creative small business and become a 'Boss Babe', fill out my contact form and reach out to me!
I can't wait to hear from you!




dreaming + goal planning

create a game plan


How This


Book Now

Ready for me to capture your story?  

100 minute session

The Deluxe $425

65 Digital Images + Bonus Prints

35 Digital Images + Bonus Prints

45 Minute Session

The Mini $275

As a Southwest Florida Photographer, some of my favourite lifestyle sessions include:

• capturing the first moments of welcoming your newborn home and his/her nursery
• a day at the beach, sand in the toes and playing in the waves
• morning snuggles in bed or making something yummy together as a family in the kitchen

Some of my favourite times in life have been looking through my mom's old photo albums and asking her to tell me the stories behind the photographs of me and my siblings. Getting the opportunity to relish in those past moments makes my heart happy. My wish is to help capture you tiny little moments that pass by so quickly so that your family can re-live those memories for generations to come.



Starting at $2000

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Starting at $400

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Starting at $275

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