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A Day at the Beach | Venice Beach, Florida

March 9, 2018

venice-beach-florida-sharkeys-on-the-pier-andrea-linn-photography-1If you have ever lived in Southwest Florida, you know what “season” means.  From November 1st to mid April, the “snowbirds” from up north flock down here and call Florida their winter home.  Season brings great things for our economy, but simple things like going out to dinner or spending a day at the beach, become almost impossible to do because they’re so over crowded with our extra guests.

For the locals, we tend to not do too much going out while the “birds” are here. Don’t get me wrong, I love my snowbird clients very much, but it just makes for longer lines and no parking..

Most people assume that us who live in Florida go to the beach all the time.  This isn’t necessarily true.  Most residents have jobs and work during the day, especially during season.  And for me, you can find me me most weekends shooting photos on the beach; as Florida is a destination wedding location for many northerners as well.  It sure has it’s perks being a destination wedding photographer though, with sandy toes and gorgeous sunsets, but it’s not the same as taking time to just chill on the beach with friends and family.

Anyways, my mother in law came for a little vacation a couple weeks ago and we had 3 solid beach days while she was here.  My favorite day at the beach, was when we went to Venice Beach and walked along Sharkey’s Pier and then had lunch at Fin’s Restaurant upstairs. It was so yummy.

I wasn’t quite sure what to get, being my first time there, but ended up with something delicious and the service and ambiance was amazing too. We sat on the balcony with the view of the ocean as we ate.

Venice Beach was indeed, covered with tourists.  But it was oh so beautiful.  We managed to snap some fun photos along the pier and with the open seascape in the background.  The beaches of Southwest Florida give up some of the best views.  The water is the perfect shade of aqua and warm as a bath tub.  The sand between your toes is soft like powder.  If you have never been, I encourage you to come spend a day, or a week at the beach here in Venice, Florida.

You won’t be disappointed!

-Andrea Linn

venice-beach-florida-sharkeys-on-the-pier-andrea-linn-photography-2 venice-beach-florida-sharkeys-on-the-pier-andrea-linn-photography-3 venice-beach-florida-sharkeys-on-the-pier-andrea-linn-photography-4 venice-beach-florida-sharkeys-on-the-pier-andrea-linn-photography-5 venice-beach-florida-sharkeys-on-the-pier-andrea-linn-photography-6 venice-beach-florida-sharkeys-on-the-pier-andrea-linn-photography-9 venice-beach-florida-sharkeys-on-the-pier-andrea-linn-photography-07 venice-beach-florida-sharkeys-on-the-pier-andrea-linn-photography-10 venice-beach-florida-sharkeys-on-the-pier-andrea-linn-photography-13 venice-beach-florida-sharkeys-on-the-pier-andrea-linn-photography-08 venice-beach-florida-sharkeys-on-the-pier-andrea-linn-photography-17 venice-beach-florida-sharkeys-on-the-pier-andrea-linn-photography-14 venice-beach-florida-sharkeys-on-the-pier-andrea-linn-photography-18 venice-beach-florida-sharkeys-on-the-pier-andrea-linn-photography-16 venice-beach-florida-sharkeys-on-the-pier-andrea-linn-photography-15 venice-beach-florida-sharkeys-on-the-pier-andrea-linn-photography-19


  1. Ashley

    March 9th, 2018 at 10:12 am

    Chris and I have already wanted to try out Finn’s! Definitely going to now! Love this post and the Beautiful pics! ♥️♥️♥️

  2. Andrea

    April 12th, 2018 at 9:59 am

    Awesome! Let me know what you think of Fins at Venice Beach! Food was so yummy and the view was amazing as well! Thank you for your sweet compliment too!

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